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12 Unique business ideas with low Investment and high Profit (2023)

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Business

Ecommerce business world is demanding, though setting-up a new brand from scratch and selling it online makes it even more difficult to taste the success as there is a hike in competition every year for each business category. And chances of coming up with unique business ideas at the right time is no easy thing. However, we delve into the minds of entrepreneurs and bring you 12 unique business ideas in this article. Keep on reading to find out.

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Why Should You choose from these 12 Unique business Ideas?


Starting an online business has grown into a more realistic and profitable option for many.

Building a brand in the marketplace requires a lot of effort, and the key is for it to stand out considerably from the competitors. There are a lot of people who would rather make passive income or run their own business than have a regular job, but if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must put 100% of your effort into it and be knowledgeable about all the guidelines, tactics, and data relating to the industry, your competitors, products, etc.

Again, starting a new business have its own perks, you can think on your own time about what you are going to launch, study about the market, and the main thing you will get to do what you love.


business entrepreneur in world


Do you know 98% people who have 9 to 5 jobs or have a regular job, they don’t have any interest in doing their work, 1 in 5 entrepreneurs can manage their business with their family and about 58% of entrepreneurs who own their own  business have worked in the corporate sector before, according to Embroker.


Self-made millionaires or entrepreneurs in world


Before entering into business world visit the above mentioned site for more information about entrepreneur life.

It’s difficult to come up with a company concept, therefore my advice is to start small; if you’re one of those people “I want to start a business, but have no ideas”. To begin, think of how inventions may improve your everyday existence. What issue do you or others you care about currently have?

If you’ve identified a problem and developed a feasible solution, your small business idea may benefit a large audience, meet a significant demand, and lead to a successful business.



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Before entering into business world here are some statistic about  business related information in the worldwide by Oberlo. If you want to know more about entrepreneurs world go through the link.

And now we begin…

Head over to the list below of low-cost business ideas with high profit.


12 Unique business ideas with low investment

List of 12 Unique business ideas:


  • Online Education
  • Open a Food Truck
  • Start a Pet-sitting business
  • No Package Shopping
  • Become an Influencer/ Tie hands with brands
  • Grocery Delivery Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Become a Personal Trainer
  • Create Your Podcast Channel
  • Start a Cleaning Service
  • Create Your Own T-Shirt brand
  • Be an Author


1. Online Education


If you can execute it well and make use of the talent around you, it is one of the finest business ideas. Many online educational businesses provide lessons to students who are unable to attend classes in person or who are learning on the internet as a result of COVID-19.

The only reason why edtech companies like byju’s, Unacademy, UpGrad, and others became well-known during the COVID-19 era was because while all academic institutions were shut down, the internet remained open, allowing students to learn not only about their regular subjects but also the specialized subjects that these edtech companies offer.

Therefore, familiarize yourself with the edtech market before opening your online education Centre. These are the finest possibilities for where you may begin your career as an entrepreneur if you have sufficient understanding about online education and if you truly want to assist kids who are unable to attend traditional colleges.

And if you want assistance with marketing your business and letting people know that you will launch an edtech company, you can join QPe, which offers tremendous support to all newcomers and small businesses alike. To sign up for QPe, simply follow the instructions on the official QPe website and you can get your online selling platform ready in seconds.

Click here to see the edtech website which QPe promoted.


2. Open a food Truck


You love cooking and dreaming of opening restaurant but you don’t have enough money than best and the affordable option is to open a food truck, people nowadays don’t mind eating on road if you maintain the hygiene factor, taste of the food should be good and if it is cost efficient than sooner or later you will gonna go ahead in food business.

A food truck company offers the same economic possibility as starting a conventional restaurant at a fraction of the cost for anyone who has ever fantasized about creating their own distinctive menus. They also have the benefit of mobility, allowing you to take your restaurant to places and events where you know there will be a lot of people and hungry people. 

There are many restaurants which QPe helped with opening their online store. QPe will help you to promote your business on social media which will help you gain popularity in the market, and if you are skeptical, QPe provides a free trial for your satisfaction. 

 Click here to see food ventures which QPe helped.


3. Start a Pet-sitting business


One of the many business ideas is pet-sitting business, nowadays everyone has a pet and if you are an animal lover then this is the best business idea for you. Getting into the pet sitting industry is a terrific opportunity to get some exercise, develop close bonds with customers, and meet a variety of canine companions.

Ecommerce websites builder like QPe support this kind of business ideas, if you want to create a business like this than QPe will definitely help like creating a Facebook and Instagram page then help you with SEO, and if you opt for the subscription plan than it will come with beautiful templates which will help you design your website or store-front easily.


4. No Package Shopping


If you love the environment then you’re going to love this idea. In the market these kinds of unique ideas are very few, if you want to excel in this type of business then you have to be very careful about the packing of the products. Concern over resource waste in the food packing process is growing among consumers.

Twist ties, Styrofoam, cardboard, and plastic are occasionally not recyclable, which contributes to environmental waste. Packagefreeshop company like this is helping our environment in a very good way and QPe also support in such a great cause, if you are going to approach QPe with this kind of business then QPe team will make sure that your business will succeed in the market and will happily spread the word in the business world.

However, the one needs to keep the necessary things in mind, such as return to origin, before getting started.



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5. Become an Influencer/ Tie hands with brands


If you have talent creating videos, reels, and have a lot of knowledge about fashion, this is the best business idea for you. There are millions of influencers and they are earning in lakhs but if your content has to be authentic then only you can grow in this industry.

An individual who specializes in expanding their social media following in a certain specialty is known as a social media influencer.

Audiences tend to take businesses seriously when they collaborate with influencers because they have a certain level of authority with them. Influencer or Social media marketing is a popular strategy used by many businesses. It’s crucial for companies that provide specialized goods since a broader content marketing approach may make it tougher for them to attract customers.

QPe values creativity and will partner with companies that share this belief. They will also support many new influencers that have untapped ability and desire exposure. The QPe team will assist with SEO and will work to spread the word about brands and new influencers.


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6. Grocery delivery Services


Post covid people are now leaning towards online grocery services and this is the best thing you can do if you are thinking about new business ideas. No one is equally able to access grocery stores, despite the fact that everyone requires food.

Customers may select things and have them delivered via grocery delivery services while relaxing in their own homes. As fresh meats and fruit can degrade in transit, supermarket delivery frequently has to operate at a local level even if internet purchasing may be a global endeavor. This implies that there are localities all around the world with the potential to develop a specialized grocery delivery service.

Websites like QPe linked with many grocery services and helps them to make their business easily accessible for the customers. Everyone needs day to day things and by joining hands with QPe you can gain customers which will stick to your online grocery store only and QPe provides QR code option to grow business which can be linked to online stores, allowing users to accept payments directly into business accounts.



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7. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing can be done by everyone, especially students, it can also be called a side business or internet business, where you can earn extra money by promoting an ecommerce website or products. If a customer responds favorably to your advertisement and selects your goods, you will be compensated with a predefined amount of the product’s worth.

The underlying idea is identical to that of commission. Selecting goods that are already well-known, associated with, and have access to markets would be advantageous and be especially helpful for students because it has a low barrier to entry.


Benefits of an Affiliate - Unique business ideas list


QPe brings one of the greatest affiliate marketing programs since it allows you to sign up quickly and easily to join the program and earn money online. Simply enter your name, user name, email address, and phone number to proceed. You will then be prompted to input the verification code that was provided to your inbox.

Affiliates will be led to the dashboard after signing up, where they may create a special link to share with their friends, family, and company owners in order to persuade them to open an online store. When you share the link and someone creates a shop using your link after purchasing the membership, QPe’s Affiliate marketing program enables you to earn up to 20% or more revenue.


8. Become a Personal Trainer


If your communication skill is good then this business idea is for you. Personal training just doesn’t only mean to get fit but also to get your personality polished, and you can turn this into your personal unique business idea. Because personal training is, well, personal, it’s crucial to establish a strong rapport with your customers.

Although one-on-one meetings are a terrific method to establish trust, they can take a lot of time if you have a large audience. Instagram steps in to help with it. Here if you want to promote your page or you want visibility in your industry then QPe will help step in and help you with it.



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9. Create your Podcast Channel


Nowadays podcast channels are a thing. If you have very good public talking skills then a podcast should be your best business idea, and Youtube is the best platform for that. You can talk about anything on a podcast like about day to day life, about all old stories, about politics, entertainment, etc. if your listeners like your content then within a year you will be doing very well in the Youtube or vlogging industry.


Get to know more about – How to use Youtube for business.


launch Ecommerce store


10. Start a Cleaning Service


This idea would come under very 12 unique business ideas and if you want to open an online store, then people will definitely approach your company. Given that most people dislike cleaning and that it must be done frequently, cleaning services are frequently in great demand. Building enduring human connections with your clients is a key component of running a cleaning service.


11. Create your own T-shirt brand


People regularly express their feelings by wearing T-shirts. They use printed t-shirts to express their uniqueness or their feelings. Customizing t-shirts or printing phrases on them is the greatest place to start if you want to operate a business in the textile sector.

Make an effort to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make sure that there are no products like yours available anywhere else, whether it has funny jokes, intricate designs, beautiful artwork, or strong political themes. A link to your store will be provided if you’re unsure. So far, QPe has launched 20,000+ online businesses alike.

Check out this T-shirt online store.


Online T-shirt Store by QPe


12. Be an Author


Are you a born writer? Then this business idea will be a great opportunity to create stories and also to earn a good amount of money, because there are many people out get very excited for a good novel. Or if you can establish a publishing house this would be a great business opportunity for you.

But the days of trying to impress a publishing house before impressing audiences are passed. The ability for authors to self-publish and promote their own works directly to readers has never been easier, regardless of their genre — romance, science fiction, or how-to manuals for building birdhouses. And for promoting your books you can through the easiest ecommerce store builder QPe.




There are many small scale business ideas in the market but you have to be very clear in which field you want to do business, don’t get confused just know your forte and study about the market half of the things will get solved then & then only.

So above mentioned are 12 unique business ideas with high profit you can choose from and start your journey as an entrepreneur. Some of them are unique business ideas you can launch from home.

So which of these 12 unique business ideas are you considering to get started with?



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